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5 Easy Steps to Start Your Blog

Watch Ray DelVecchio Video: 5 Easy Steps to Start Your Blog.
Let's talk about how to start your blog on the best platform from day one.

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Here are 5 easy steps all blogging beginners must take to create the infrastructure to make money.

1) Pick Your Blog Topic - 2:12

When you're passionate about the topics you're blogging about, you'll be willing to go the extra mile, which is often necessary to get your blog off the ground in the beginning.

2) Get Your Domain Name & Web Hosting - 3:38

I always recommend that you start with a self-hosted WordPress blog. That's because it's flexible and powerful. You can transfer it from host-to-host and you're not locked in as you might be with Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, or any other "easy-to-use" blog builders. "Easy-to-use" translates to you don't have as much control to customize as you probably think. These companies offer limited ways to access the core code behind your blog.

With WordPress, you can implement any creative blog idea with a little knowledge!

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3) Create an Email List - 4:59

Like a blog, your email list is a cheap asset that you own and have full control over. That isn't the case with social media. If you look closely at every successful blogger, you'll find email collection somewhere on their website.

The best way to get someone's email address is to give them something in return - a piece of knowledge, a report, a case study, a curated list, free training, etc. That's exactly what I'm doing now!

The ultimate way to make money online is to help people and build a relationship. You do this by gaining trust and not pushing bad products or services for the sole purpose of generating income.

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4) Create a Social Media Page - 5:52

People spend TONS of time on social, so that's the best starting spot to target your ideal blog audience. My big recommendation is to pick ONE social media outlet only. Don't try to be everywhere. Match up the best social network to whatever your blog topic is. Obviously, YouTube is my primary social media channel. If you have photos, Pinterest or Instagram are better choices. If your written content is shareable, Facebook and Twitter may be good options.

5) Create a Content Calendar - 6:15

The key to success in blogging is consistency. So many people quit before they make meaningful progress. It's likely because they have a big vision and realize it's not going to come anytime soon. It's going to take work. And that's OK.

Pace yourself at the beginning, even if it's one post per month. Just keep at it and you'll begin to become more effective each time you repeat a task.

A good analogy is picking a lock. You have to tweak each pin to a certain optimal height, and only then does the magic happen. The same is true with your content, your connection with your email list, the sales offer you give them, and much more.

Keep going, keep testing, and success will find you and you will make money blogging!

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